Simon Wilby on How Inventors Compete

Hi everyone Simon Wilby here, Now I’ve heard so many inventors ask me.. What Do Late night infomercials; Direct Response ads on television and Social Media outlets have in Common?
If you as an inventor can tune into what Simon Wilby “The Smart Inventor is saying about a common link that is vital to the success of selling your invention.

Take it from someone who has been there! That would be me Simon Wilby Change is not THE threat, it’s the opportunity. Survival is not the ultimate goal, big payday and wealthy success is Simon Wilby
People and inventors always say to me if I could only get my invention on The Home Shopping Network, then it would sell millions, or if my invention would just get picked up by one of those infomercial companies and get on TV, it will be a game changer.

Now, I’ve seen inventors become successful in a variety of marketing approaches, including home-shopping networks and as As-Seen-On-TV type products. And while both of those venues continue to have merit and are wildly successful for many products and companies, too many times inventors and entrepreneurs convince themselves that they are the only two choices at their disposal.

There are many more opportunities that inventors can pursue to make their claim to fame. Take it from Simon Wilby The Smart Inventor

There are other, intangible assets that are in these spaces, and that is the power of collaboration by networking with a lot of other people in social media spaces. There is a direct correlation between interacting and making friends with people broadly and sincerely and ensuring that they are successful people. This is never truer than it is with inventors and entrepreneurs. Making them know you, and what you bring to the table could help them and that you are eager to do so typically reaps you more in benefits that you could ever give.

So before you go pay hundreds or thousands, or worse yet money you don’t have on an unproven product idea, try the “Makerspace” route to get you to the point where you can get out of the building and prove that you have customers for your product. And create something that MacGyver himself would be proud of.

Simon Wilby on Solar Energy The Comeback King

Looking with the eyes of global scale, around the world abroad solar production is still comparatively small generating less than half of one percent of the entire world’s electricity in 2012. But it is still developing and it is getting more affordable. All over the world, solar-power has enlarged by the incredible factor of eleven in the past six years. And it has potential to expand even more. Back in 2011, the International Energy Agency estimated solar power could even then potentially generate 12 percent of the world’s electricity by the year 2025.
The Smart Inventor “Simon Wilby” most recently called for a global strength – with the same level of ambition and international coordination as the Apollo mission in the 1960’s that was to be launched. The directive: was to make solar power more affordable than fossil fuels not only in America but also all over the world.

An ambitious move, though it would prove to be a huge undertaking – and any significant expansion of the industry would most likely face some big challenges.
Around 2006, solar power was renewable energy’s lost golden child. That had often been rejected as to expensive to make a significant impact on power, particularly in gloomier countries like the United Kingdom, solar power at that time seemed condemned to a limited role in carbon energy creation. But a few short years after, a once-overlooked technology appears set for a significant expansion in this country and worldwide.
However one decision had a significant part to play in the sharp decrease in solar costs, a few years ago The government in China decided to finance its manufacturing sector to engage in producing cheap solar panels.

Following a serious dispute between China and the European Commission, which claimed the sponsorships were illegal under international trade rules. The disputes and arguments were just resolved recently – and the threat of trade sanctions just barely prevented.

The success results have been mixed for the United Kingdom solar industry. On one hand, cheap panels made expansion easier. But on the other hand: those outsourced panels also severely undercut Europe’s solar panel manufacturing sector. For example: in Germany, the practice of outsourcing pushed many companies into going out of business and or sharp job cuts.

Six years ago, the Inter-governmental panel on climate change identified solar power as the most expensive of all renewable energy technologies, estimating costs almost twice as much to generate a unit of electricity from solar panels as from a wind turbines.
However, the cost of solar panels and batteries has plunged by more than half in the past five years. Simon Wilby stated: In Countries like Germany, Italy and Spain, soon solar power won’t need government subsidies to be cost-effective viable. In these three countries, every family home could be equipped with solar panels by the end of this decade.

In the UK for example: solar’s prosperity has changed over the last few years. The government introduced the idea of direct grants for householders installing renewable energy generators, called feed-in tariffs, in 2010. This led to a big increase in the number of households opting to install solar panels on their roofs – and risked blowing the budget completely.
The government scratched those subsidies down as a result, motivating outcry from other solar companies, who feared their industry would be destroyed.

Following their successful legal challenge, the government decided to reduce the subsidies more gradually. Now overall the official posture toward solar now seems to have changed.
The government boasts the cost of solar panels has fallen by over half in two short years, and installations of roof-top solar panels have increased from a few thousand three years ago to well over 420,000 at present.

Simon Wilby, explains:

“Two and half years ago the United Kingdom didn’t really have much faith in solar energy. Then they made the token gesture of Feed in Tariffs and saw the growth and reduction in overall solar energy prices, and started to realize what solar movement could do”.

Simon Wilby an industry professional and Inventor of some of the world’s most disruptive technology. Explains it could grow from 2.7 gigawatts now, to 20GW by the year 2020. The government intends to go forward and publish a dedicated solar strategy – though delays mean it looks unlikely to appear before the end of the year.

Despite the delay, the solar industry seems hopeful about future growth in the United Kingdom. Insiders’ views are skeptical that the industry could grow to 20GW by 2020, however in comparison, the lower end of the government’s ambition – 7GW by 2020 – is “definitely” too low, remarked Simon Wilby (2013).

There has been an explosion of new applications for large-scale solar energy sites, as developers’ speed to get in before the next subsidy cut next March, which may be partly to blame for the solar rush.

One conceivable barrier to larger installations is public opposition, however. Polls show high levels of public support for solar – even when it’s located near their home. But according to the Financial Times, “pockets of protest” are starting to emerge against large solar farms.
It’s not clear how much of the planned expansion will be from smaller-scale installations like domestic or commercial rooftops, and how much from large-scale solar farms in fields around the country. But large-scale solar could be on the up: Simon Wilby suggests that if the country did hit the 20GW target it would mean the number of solar farms would expand from 70 now to well over 600 in 2020. That would truly make Solar Energy the comeback King of renewable energy.

Smart SEO Can Firewall Business Names

Simon Wilby The Smart Inventor knows personally just how much online reputation is very important on the internet and this is the very reason why Simon Wilby created Smart SEO.

This is an application that allows businesses to keep track of all the comments posted on their sites and it is through this that web page owners are given the liberty to approve a particular post or not.

We all know that internet marketing these days is pretty tough and there are those people that are out there to ruin a particular business via negative posts and comments. There are instances wherein it is not true and yet they still upload it just for fun. Because of The Smart SEO these things can now be prevented and allow business website owners to take full control of the messages being posted on their sites. Let us enumerate some of the advantages that this Smart SEO can do for your business.

Website owners can enjoy a negative-free site. As much as we all believe in the freedom of speech sometimes we just have to delete certain things that are not necessary. Not that we are trying to block the negative side of a particular business but it is more of trying to be in control to avoid further damage because sometimes these reactions and comments are not based on facts and if they are already uploaded on the net it will spread like a disease and removing its stigma is pretty hard. That is why Smart SEO is indeed the answer to all these negativity that is going on in the World Wide Web.

Simon Wilby has once been a victim of these negative slurs and it took him quite some time to redeem himself. Because of this turn of events he came up with an application that will help innocent people protect themselves from all the dirty politics of internet marketing. This is indeed a great advantage for website owners who have a lot of haters because they can now decide if they want the comment to become live on their sites or completely erase it from their database. Through this, web page owners can protect their credibility as a company because they can have access to all the comments through the notifications that will be sent to them through the SEO application.

Better monitoring and damage control is what this application by Simon Wilby has to offer to its users. It’s smart and it’s convenient because before the damage is done, people who use this application can already have a hand on it and prevent things from spreading on the net. Just like this man who was once a victim, you too can avoid being a victim yourself. Be aware and stay on the lookout for negative people in cyberspace and you will be well on your way to having a site that is full of positivity.

Innovation and Productivity Never Runs Out For Simon Wilby

It is human nature to come up with something fresh and original all the time; the mind never grows tired or runs out of ideas when it comes to the little things that need innovation and improvisation. Simon Wilby is one of those people who manage to keep things running with a number of inventions he has done. Indeed for one, he is an inventor that successfully redesigned how solar energy could be put to individual daily use. Many people would probably find this quite unbelievable, too good to be true even, however it is a fact he had created The Smart One – a Lithium battery powered by the sun’s energy and basically used to recharge a dying mobile cellular device. For people who are constantly on the go, this is such a useful tool in that devices charged with The Smart One tend to last longer than ordinary batteries and even the higher end versions of batteries from the latest mobile phones of today. As anyone could imagine, Wilby has not tried reinventing the wheel but primarily he is only utilizing what is already widely available and reworking them for the maximum level of use which most of these devices, for example, could ever provide.

Successful Innovations Throughout the Years

Simon Wilby found the need to create the solar-powered mobile charger credited under his name from his own personal experience; as many successful inventions happen most of the time – serendipity if you like to call it. In many ways, the capacity to innovate is quite innate in any one of us; albeit only a handful of people ever pay attention to the need for one. As effectively as he had established The Smart One among the lineups of major inventions in the world, Wilby has not ceased on seeking greater ways to make other things even more convenient than they are already. Being a dog-lover, Wilby has also come up with a way to keep track of his pets with the communication tracking device which allows him to find the whereabouts of his dogs.

In addition to all mentioned, he has been credited as well for the contributions he had done in the area of search engine optimization, wherein he was able to develop a certain method of monitoring and protecting one’s online business and reputation that are out in the open and as such, also very much prone to cyber-attacks and character degradation by many potential haters.

Finally, as if these things are not enough, Simon Wilby has caught up with the issues regarding safekeeping of the environment and with his project set up in the island of Barbados he continues his inventive ideas onto making use of the sunlight in lighting up the streets at night; another derivation of the solar power energy put to good and practical use which could be enjoyed by a lot of people in the communities.

Simon Wilby: Guarding One’s Reputation Online From Abusive and Imbalance Opinions

The vast potential of the internet these days cannot be fathomed in ways we knew before. So much stuff written and created by people is on it every single minute of every day, which, if someone is lucky enough could potentially sustain a million visitors or simply by anyone around the globe. Good thing that with help of search engine optimization techniques and a bunch of other programs, everything these days could be fast-tracked and could be given solutions just through software and development in the fields of SEO. Furthermore, it would have been great to get a reputation that is maintained clean and acceptable to the general public, but what about the undeserved bashing and mean marketing strategies that could pull one’s level of enthusiasm and outlook down? Here’s the thing, Simon Wilby is one of the many examples of a victim to cyber-bashing which had been left uncontrolled until he found a way to get around it and eventually he was able to come up with the most perfect solution to his one-time stumbling block in the field of internet marketing and advertising.

Simon Wilby is an inventor and businessman per se. He is well-known for a product innovation which had very practical purpose to our every day usage of technology and energy resources. He had invented The Smart One; a Lithium battery which gets energy reserves from the solar energy, in turn is able to recharge any kinds of mobile devices that require electricity. Wilby has also improved the way internet should be used among us – from ordinary users to high profile businesses that market their products online and which are always prone to organized black propaganda by other competitors that are probably marketing the same product or the like. As a victim once of terrible invasion and character assassination over the internet, Wilby has designed what he called The Smart CEO wherein it keeps track of people who had been pulled by these damaging reactions and opinions that are uncalled for which, although do happen in real life situation, are not generally acceptable to be said to another undeserving of it.

The Internet is veiled with an imbalanced substance and many users that think they have the right to freedom of speech despite having run over somebody else’s basic human rights. And this is the area where The Smart CEO adapts its purposes; Simon Wilby envisions a virtual world wherein his innovative program could catch those causing trouble in the internet – a sort of check and balance. The Internet is not supposed to just empower those who think they have the right to say whatever they wanted to just because they are anonymous on the Internet and are hiding behind the veil of the First Amendment.


Simon Wilby’s Innovations On The SEO Front

Amidst the myriad of innovations in software and programming for search engine optimization, it seems there has not been any one that has touched on the area of protecting one’s online presence and status. Surely, various products have already been made to secure websites and domains, for example, which guard against viruses and potential damaging programs that could harm their carefully written contents. But never has there been one for protection against untruthful and potentially dangerous demolition job against a certain business, group, or some individual websites. These in effect, could hugely leave permanent negative results to an online marketing company, for example, that has only worked hard to reach out to consumers. And this innovative program on the SEO front has been masterfully crafted by the same person who had invented the solar-powered battery mobile phone charger – Simon Wilby. The SEO is an area that thrives online these days and which could work either way for businesses and consumers alike. Positive SEO could definitely work to boost any business into a robust and profitable market or it could also possibly tarnish it forever, and so this is what Wilby has laid out as one of his brilliant plans in order to work up the positive and curtail the negative ones that were especially made with evil intentions.

What SEO Protection Could Mean For Any Business

Simon Wilby has expressed his own personal experience in the area of negative comments done unto him and his business; his idea was to counter those comments and work to protect further his future on the area of internet marketing. Many people who had been victims of the same kind of situation may like this idea for their business; it is important to invest into this one, to encourage further their loyal customers and lure potential ones that are certainly made confused by those contrasting SEO contents. Wilby has developed The Smart SEO for this sole purpose and he maintains that the product works to cut off those uncreative and unhelpful SEO which are normally left unchanged because there were no programs before then which could respond against these kinds of SEO.

The Smart SEO gives online businesses the opportunity to watch out for those SEO’s that mean nothing but complete lies and harm. In many ways, this innovation in the said field could protect the future of the Internet as the number of people who are putting their profitable ideas on the Internet is increasingly growing. In the future, the Internet marketplace would become more of a friendlier place than it has been in the past; Simon Wilby thinks this is quite possible as he foresees his product to get on with the groups of people that want nothing but to reclaim their once good standing against certain SEO’s that tainted their enterprise before.

Simon Wilby’s – Reviving The Importance Of Natural Energy

Imagine a day when you won’t need to dig through your drawers trying to find your electronic mobile device charger and then dash to the closest power socket in order to plug and recharge the dying battery in the middle of an important phone call. That day has surely dawned on one guy named Simon Wilby who had gone through the exact situation. The only difference is that he came up with a solution that changed the way human-made technology and natural energy to work together and in effect, establish what is known as The Smart One. Simon Wilby, a seemingly utilitarian character, has revived the many cost-effective useful definitions of solar energy for humans to do with in their everyday lives.

The Simply Smart Data

The solar-powered battery, fittingly called The Smart One, is an invention that is created with the powerful energy from the sun directed efficiently by solar panels into Lithium exon in order to rely independently from the electricity to which many households are subscribed. Solar energy-ran homes are not new to many of us, who would mostly and knowingly agree that having them installed in homes to convert free energy for domestic use can cut electric monthly bills up to as much as 50% and perhaps even more. Simon Wilby simply redesigned this idea and conveniently adapted it into a functional version for mobile devices. In fact, not only is the Lithium battery exclusively made for mobile phones – The Smart One Simon Wilby says, will also stretch its gamut to laptops, iPods, and even gaming consoles and will be widely available in the coming years. Simply put, anything that uses up electricity through power cords can be recharged with The Smart One.

A Smart Future For Everyone

We are at a time when more and more people are concerned about preserving and conserving energy in one way or the other. It is easy how this idea will refresh everyone’s outlook for that important matter. In essence, the means by which The Smart One, Simon Wilby brilliantly designed, is sourced and used has virtually less to zero destructive effects to the environment. And especially when this is picked up and promoted strongly by environment groups and like concerned individuals, and once The Smart One makes it to mainstream market, we will be looking at a future with a powerful statement that says technology and the natural environment could actually go hand in hand together after all.

Simon Wilby’s The Smart SEO – How Can This SEO Technique Helps Internet Marketers?

Did you hear about the guy who had invented a solar mobile phone charger that does not need electricity outlets? Impossible? It’s not! In fact, the mobile phone charger, cleverly named The Smart One gets its energy reserves from the sun. And The Smart Inventors name is Simon Wilby. His story could have been anyone else’s. No need for an abrupt life-change since technology and mobile phone devices abound, but then all of a sudden, he found a great way to end his disappointment and successfully changed the way phone batteries should be recharged.

He has come a long way from that turning point with the mobile phone, in which he got cut right in the middle of a crucial conversation which wasn’t his fault at all, but his phone and its components that do not really give satisfaction in terms of battery life. Simon Wilby has also extended to other areas of invention. In addition to the solar-powered The Smart One, he has been trying to develop environment-friendly lamplight’s that get energy reserves from the sun. In the future, we all could be benefiting from the brilliant mind of his.

You must think that Simon Wilby has been content after his series of accomplishments, but you might be wrong in that he has yet another improvisation to the system of keeping one’s individual reputation guarded on the World Wide Web. The sad premise is that it can be a huge challenge to run after someone who has done harm on your good standing, especially when the offense or malicious contents are published over the Internet. No one has really been punished under established regulations within the constitution and under international laws because if there were, then the prison cells must have been crowded by this time. Wilby worked around this as he himself was a victim before, and this time calls it “The Smart CEO”. It is like the manna from heaven that internet marketers have been waiting for in a long time. The Smart CEO works to protect one’s information or your online career, and keeps cyber-bullies and cyber-thefts at bay. So all internet marketers could do is just sit back and enjoy their business without any concern about an anonymous internet user bashing at you online. In a way, The Smart CEO empowers you to face the bullies that you do not live or use the internet with constant fear.

Amazing Advantages And Purpose Of Simon Wilby’s Solar Powered Battery Charger Creation

solar charger
Solar energy has been the most overrated form of energy we hear about and quite ironically, the most underestimated in terms of application in our daily lives. Recent developments in the field of solar power and its myriad benefits have been constantly making waves for a brilliant invention by a man named Simon Wilby. Solar-powered battery chargers for mobile phone devices were unheard of until he encountered an incident one day wherein he was right in the middle of an important phone call and his batteries died out on him. Imagine the look on his face in that awkward situation and it could have been perceived differently by the person on the other end of the line. And this was the famous back story to his invention.

It seems mobile phone devices manufactured within the last 10 years have shorter battery life than ever before. Many factors could be keyed in as to making conclusions about this issue. It could be greatly possible that many people who own a mobile phone use it more often every day now as opposed to a decade ago. With the multiple features of a high-end mobile device, for example, a built-in camera, music player, internet connectivity, and a lot more, battery usage also increases. These and a bunch of other reasons could be reasons why battery failure is not uncommon among many mobile phone users.

Solar Power Straight to Your Phone Battery

The principle in charging up a phone using a solar-powered charger is pretty much the same as how solar power converts energy to run a household appliances; it is like its mini-version and quite more manageable. Simon Wilby, solar powered battery inventor, named his creation The Smart One and fittingly enough for such a smart idea. The Smart One is a Lithium battery that converts the sun’s energy enough to keep a mobile phone up and running for a much longer time than any regular mobile phone charger.

Advantages of The Solar Powered Battery Creation for Mobile Phones

Fortunately for each and every one of us, we won’t get into the same awkward situation as had Simon Wilby, solar powered battery creator for The Smart One; you only get to enjoy the following things:

  • Making and taking longer calls and text messaging time
  • Using the features and app on your mobile phone device for longer times without interruption or cell phone warning to tell you to charge up
  • Saving money from electricity you use up when charging your mobile phone using the electric socket in your home
  • Taking photos, browsing the Internet, or chatting with your friends on IM for longer time
  • Your phone will outlast all the other batteries in the phones of your contemporaries
  • Conserving energy and contributing in helping save the environment.

So you won’t keep changing or even replacing batteries when you charge with The Smart One.