Smart SEO Can Firewall Business Names

Introducing The Smart Inventor | Simon Wilby

Simon Wilby The Smart Inventor knows personally just how much online reputation is very important on the internet and this is the very reason why Simon Wilby created Smart SEO.

This is an application that allows businesses to keep track of all the comments posted on their sites and it is through this that web page owners are given the liberty to approve a particular post or not.

We all know that internet marketing these days is pretty tough and there are those people that are out there to ruin a particular business via negative posts and comments. There are instances wherein it is not true and yet they still upload it just for fun. Because of The Smart SEO these things can now be prevented and allow business website owners to take full control of the messages being posted on their sites. Let us enumerate some of the advantages that this Smart SEO can do for your business.

Website owners can enjoy a negative-free site. As much as we all believe in the freedom of speech sometimes we just have to delete certain things that are not necessary. Not that we are trying to block the negative side of a particular business but it is more of trying to be in control to avoid further damage because sometimes these reactions and comments are not based on facts and if they are already uploaded on the net it will spread like a disease and removing its stigma is pretty hard. That is why Smart SEO is indeed the answer to all these negativity that is going on in the World Wide Web.

Simon Wilby has once been a victim of these negative slurs and it took him quite some time to redeem himself. Because of this turn of events he came up with an application that will help innocent people protect themselves from all the dirty politics of internet marketing. This is indeed a great advantage for website owners who have a lot of haters because they can now decide if they want the comment to become live on their sites or completely erase it from their database. Through this, web page owners can protect their credibility as a company because they can have access to all the comments through the notifications that will be sent to them through the SEO application.
Better monitoring and damage control is what this application by Simon Wilby has to offer to its users. It’s smart and it’s convenient because before the damage is done, people who use this application can already have a hand on it and prevent things from spreading on the net. Just like this man who was once a victim, you too can avoid being a victim yourself. Be aware and stay on the lookout for negative people in cyberspace and you will be well on your way to having a site that is full of positivity.