Simon Wilby’s The Smart SEO – How Can This SEO Technique Helps Internet Marketers?

Did you hear about the guy who had invented a solar mobile phone charger that does not need electricity outlets? Impossible? It’s not! In fact, the mobile phone charger, cleverly named The Smart One gets its energy reserves from the sun. And The Smart Inventors name is Simon Wilby. His story could have been anyone else’s. No need for an abrupt life-change since technology and mobile phone devices abound, but then all of a sudden, he found a great way to end his disappointment and successfully changed the way phone batteries should be recharged.

He has come a long way from that turning point with the mobile phone, in which he got cut right in the middle of a crucial conversation which wasn’t his fault at all, but his phone and its components that do not really give satisfaction in terms of battery life. Simon Wilby has also extended to other areas of invention. In addition to the solar-powered The Smart One, he has been trying to develop environment-friendly lamplight’s that get energy reserves from the sun. In the future, we all could be benefiting from the brilliant mind of his.

You must think that Simon Wilby has been content after his series of accomplishments, but you might be wrong in that he has yet another improvisation to the system of keeping one’s individual reputation guarded on the World Wide Web. The sad premise is that it can be a huge challenge to run after someone who has done harm on your good standing, especially when the offense or malicious contents are published over the Internet. No one has really been punished under established regulations within the constitution and under international laws because if there were, then the prison cells must have been crowded by this time. Wilby worked around this as he himself was a victim before, and this time calls it “The Smart CEO”. It is like the manna from heaven that internet marketers have been waiting for in a long time. The Smart CEO works to protect one’s information or your online career, and keeps cyber-bullies and cyber-thefts at bay. So all internet marketers could do is just sit back and enjoy their business without any concern about an anonymous internet user bashing at you online. In a way, The Smart CEO empowers you to face the bullies that you do not live or use the internet with constant fear.