Simon Wilby’s – Reviving The Importance Of Natural Energy

Imagine a day when you won’t need to dig through your drawers trying to find your electronic mobile device charger and then dash to the closest power socket in order to plug and recharge the dying battery in the middle of an important phone call. That day has surely dawned on one guy named Simon Wilby who had gone through the exact situation. The only difference is that he came up with a solution that changed the way human-made technology and natural energy to work together and in effect, establish what is known as The Smart One. Simon Wilby, a seemingly utilitarian character, has revived the many cost-effective useful definitions of solar energy for humans to do with in their everyday lives.

The Simply Smart Data

The solar-powered battery, fittingly called The Smart One, is an invention that is created with the powerful energy from the sun directed efficiently by solar panels into Lithium exon in order to rely independently from the electricity to which many households are subscribed. Solar energy-ran homes are not new to many of us, who would mostly and knowingly agree that having them installed in homes to convert free energy for domestic use can cut electric monthly bills up to as much as 50% and perhaps even more. Simon Wilby simply redesigned this idea and conveniently adapted it into a functional version for mobile devices. In fact, not only is the Lithium battery exclusively made for mobile phones – The Smart One Simon Wilby says, will also stretch its gamut to laptops, iPods, and even gaming consoles and will be widely available in the coming years. Simply put, anything that uses up electricity through power cords can be recharged with The Smart One.

A Smart Future For Everyone

We are at a time when more and more people are concerned about preserving and conserving energy in one way or the other. It is easy how this idea will refresh everyone’s outlook for that important matter. In essence, the means by which The Smart One, Simon Wilby brilliantly designed, is sourced and used has virtually less to zero destructive effects to the environment. And especially when this is picked up and promoted strongly by environment groups and like concerned individuals, and once The Smart One makes it to mainstream market, we will be looking at a future with a powerful statement that says technology and the natural environment could actually go hand in hand together after all.