Simon Wilby on How Inventors Compete

Hi everyone Simon Wilby here, Now I’ve heard so many inventors ask me.. What Do Late night infomercials; Direct Response ads on television and Social Media outlets have in Common?
If you as an inventor can tune into what Simon Wilby “The Smart Inventor is saying about a common link that is vital to the success of selling your invention.

Take it from someone who has been there! That would be me Simon Wilby Change is not THE threat, it’s the opportunity. Survival is not the ultimate goal, big payday and wealthy success is Simon Wilby
People and inventors always say to me if I could only get my invention on The Home Shopping Network, then it would sell millions, or if my invention would just get picked up by one of those infomercial companies and get on TV, it will be a game changer.

Now, I’ve seen inventors become successful in a variety of marketing approaches, including home-shopping networks and as As-Seen-On-TV type products. And while both of those venues continue to have merit and are wildly successful for many products and companies, too many times inventors and entrepreneurs convince themselves that they are the only two choices at their disposal.

There are many more opportunities that inventors can pursue to make their claim to fame. Take it from Simon Wilby The Smart Inventor

There are other, intangible assets that are in these spaces, and that is the power of collaboration by networking with a lot of other people in social media spaces. There is a direct correlation between interacting and making friends with people broadly and sincerely and ensuring that they are successful people. This is never truer than it is with inventors and entrepreneurs. Making them know you, and what you bring to the table could help them and that you are eager to do so typically reaps you more in benefits that you could ever give.

So before you go pay hundreds or thousands, or worse yet money you don’t have on an unproven product idea, try the “Makerspace” route to get you to the point where you can get out of the building and prove that you have customers for your product. And create something that MacGyver himself would be proud of.