Simon Wilby: Guarding One’s Reputation Online From Abusive and Imbalance Opinions

The vast potential of the internet these days cannot be fathomed in ways we knew before. So much stuff written and created by people is on it every single minute of every day, which, if someone is lucky enough could potentially sustain a million visitors or simply by anyone around the globe. Good thing that with help of search engine optimization techniques and a bunch of other programs, everything these days could be fast-tracked and could be given solutions just through software and development in the fields of SEO. Furthermore, it would have been great to get a reputation that is maintained clean and acceptable to the general public, but what about the undeserved bashing and mean marketing strategies that could pull one’s level of enthusiasm and outlook down? Here’s the thing, Simon Wilby is one of the many examples of a victim to cyber-bashing which had been left uncontrolled until he found a way to get around it and eventually he was able to come up with the most perfect solution to his one-time stumbling block in the field of internet marketing and advertising.

Simon Wilby is an inventor and businessman per se. He is well-known for a product innovation which had very practical purpose to our every day usage of technology and energy resources. He had invented The Smart One; a Lithium battery which gets energy reserves from the solar energy, in turn is able to recharge any kinds of mobile devices that require electricity. Wilby has also improved the way internet should be used among us – from ordinary users to high profile businesses that market their products online and which are always prone to organized black propaganda by other competitors that are probably marketing the same product or the like. As a victim once of terrible invasion and character assassination over the internet, Wilby has designed what he called The Smart CEO wherein it keeps track of people who had been pulled by these damaging reactions and opinions that are uncalled for which, although do happen in real life situation, are not generally acceptable to be said to another undeserving of it.

The Internet is veiled with an imbalanced substance and many users that think they have the right to freedom of speech despite having run over somebody else’s basic human rights. And this is the area where The Smart CEO adapts its purposes; Simon Wilby envisions a virtual world wherein his innovative program could catch those causing trouble in the internet – a sort of check and balance. The Internet is not supposed to just empower those who think they have the right to say whatever they wanted to just because they are anonymous on the Internet and are hiding behind the veil of the First Amendment.