Simon Wilby Developer Of Online Reputation Management


Good character these days is not overrated – it is not like every day we see or hear good things that people have done; it is quite refreshing in many ways, as if we have found something very unusual we have not encountered for ages. Genuine goodness comes from the fact that the person or idea behind it has intentions wherein a lot of people could benefit and learn from. Meanwhile, it is not like it is news meeting some others coming from the opposite side of the spectrum. The gamut of goodness is just as wide as there are unpleasant and unreliable ones which in effect could influence us differently. Even in virtual box realities, these two types of people certainly abound and we may or may not have the power to counter them in possible known ways. In all of this, one man named Simon Wilby has taken a stand against the tide of things online and managed to develop an application which allows any one – a business websites or individual blog sites – to monitor how their names are being used and especially abused by other users of the Internet.

Online Reputation Guard – How It Should Work

Thus came about The Smart SEO, which mainly manages how one’s business search engine optimization features appear on other websites or for other people in that case. Simon Wilby, an entrepreneur, inventor, technology innovator, staunch advocate of environment-friendly products and inventions, has created this application which keeps track of unwanted online ploys that are set to destroy a good reputation and character of many of us who put our business out in the global scale through the internet. Is there anyone tasked to regulate the internet? The more obvious answer would be “no” because since its inception, no one has really claimed forward and had anything like this under their name. Not only that, but also, in respect to the freedom bestowed us in the expression of our opinions and rights as free citizens living in a free country, this matter alone would defy whatever strict regulations in the internet are stipulating. Quite true. However, this should not be just another one of those things where we just sit back and remain powerless in the face of evil brewing on the Internet.

The Smart SEO works to the favor of those who want to stand up for themselves and their good name that are out there in the internet. Simon Wilby has made this quite possible now that there is a tool, an application, a smart device which we could employ as counteractive measures to the ongoing damage being done unto us. Managing your reputation online has never been imagined before but a person like Wilby has successfully achieved this; the World Wide Web would never be the same especially that zero tolerance to those who do damage to others is going to be the norm.