Innovation and Productivity Never Runs Out For Simon Wilby

It is human nature to come up with something fresh and original all the time; the mind never grows tired or runs out of ideas when it comes to the little things that need innovation and improvisation. Simon Wilby is one of those people who manage to keep things running with a number of inventions he has done. Indeed for one, he is an inventor that successfully redesigned how solar energy could be put to individual daily use. Many people would probably find this quite unbelievable, too good to be true even, however it is a fact he had created The Smart One – a Lithium battery powered by the sun’s energy and basically used to recharge a dying mobile cellular device. For people who are constantly on the go, this is such a useful tool in that devices charged with The Smart One tend to last longer than ordinary batteries and even the higher end versions of batteries from the latest mobile phones of today. As anyone could imagine, Wilby has not tried reinventing the wheel but primarily he is only utilizing what is already widely available and reworking them for the maximum level of use which most of these devices, for example, could ever provide.

Successful Innovations Throughout the Years

Simon Wilby found the need to create the solar-powered mobile charger credited under his name from his own personal experience; as many successful inventions happen most of the time – serendipity if you like to call it. In many ways, the capacity to innovate is quite innate in any one of us; albeit only a handful of people ever pay attention to the need for one. As effectively as he had established The Smart One among the lineups of major inventions in the world, Wilby has not ceased on seeking greater ways to make other things even more convenient than they are already. Being a dog-lover, Wilby has also come up with a way to keep track of his pets with the communication tracking device which allows him to find the whereabouts of his dogs.

In addition to all mentioned, he has been credited as well for the contributions he had done in the area of search engine optimization, wherein he was able to develop a certain method of monitoring and protecting one’s online business and reputation that are out in the open and as such, also very much prone to cyber-attacks and character degradation by many potential haters.

Finally, as if these things are not enough, Simon Wilby has caught up with the issues regarding safekeeping of the environment and with his project set up in the island of Barbados he continues his inventive ideas onto making use of the sunlight in lighting up the streets at night; another derivation of the solar power energy put to good and practical use which could be enjoyed by a lot of people in the communities.