Amazing Advantages And Purpose Of Simon Wilby’s Solar Powered Battery Charger Creation

Solar energy has been the most overrated form of energy we hear about and quite ironically, the most underestimated in terms of application in our daily lives. Recent developments in the field of solar power and its myriad benefits have been constantly making waves for a brilliant invention by a man named Simon Wilby. Solar-powered battery chargers for mobile phone devices were unheard of until he encountered an incident one day wherein he was right in the middle of an important phone call and his batteries died out on him. Imagine the look on his face in that awkward situation and it could have been perceived differently by the person on the other end of the line. And this was the famous back story to his invention.

It seems mobile phone devices manufactured within the last 10 years have shorter battery life than ever before. Many factors could be keyed in as to making conclusions about this issue. It could be greatly possible that many people who own a mobile phone use it more often every day now as opposed to a decade ago. With the multiple features of a high-end mobile device, for example, a built-in camera, music player, internet connectivity, and a lot more, battery usage also increases. These and a bunch of other reasons could be reasons why battery failure is not uncommon among many mobile phone users.

Solar Power Straight to Your Phone Battery

The principle in charging up a phone using a solar-powered charger is pretty much the same as how solar power converts energy to run a household appliances; it is like its mini-version and quite more manageable. Simon Wilby, solar powered battery inventor, named his creation The Smart One and fittingly enough for such a smart idea. The Smart One is a Lithium battery that converts the sun’s energy enough to keep a mobile phone up and running for a much longer time than any regular mobile phone charger.

Advantages of The Solar Powered Battery Creation for Mobile Phones

Fortunately for each and every one of us, we won’t get into the same awkward situation as had Simon Wilby, solar powered battery creator for The Smart One; you only get to enjoy the following things:

  • Making and taking longer calls and text messaging time
  • Using the features and app on your mobile phone device for longer times without interruption or cell phone warning to tell you to charge up
  • Saving money from electricity you use up when charging your mobile phone using the electric socket in your home
  • Taking photos, browsing the Internet, or chatting with your friends on IM for longer time
  • Your phone will outlast all the other batteries in the phones of your contemporaries
  • Conserving energy and contributing in helping save the environment.

So you won’t keep changing or even replacing batteries when you charge with The Smart One.