Simon Wilby, a successful inventor believes that translating speech from one language to another requires more than active listening, it is a painstaking operation requiring a sharp ear and a deep understanding for those languages and dialects. On the other hand, over translating also leads to misinterpretations and misunderstandings, and of course there are tips and rules of thumb one can pass on to new translating professionals, with all of these practical problems to discuss. It is obvious that a new translator must be very well acquainted with their language skills, both in its written and spoken forms.

“It is of no good use to simply look words up in a dictionary and locate the translation since that would surely negate the context in which the language was spoken; it is however just as important as the dictionary meaning of words are their usage and frequency in the targeted translations of everyday languages, and the way they are incorporated into the sub-context.” Simon Wilby (2013)

The accuracy of interpretation is paramount for new translators. As important as understanding what the text is actually saying is to understand and convey what the text is not saying.

Simon Wilby substantiates this claim by asserting that inexperienced translators might be compelled to go beyond the simple act of word for word translation and over-interpret the source language they are translating, however, as he/she attempts ‘albeit’ sometimes in vein to read between the lines.

The best option is to keep translations simple and complete, neither more nor less than the original text. Despite all the theory crammed in colleges and faculties into the head of a wannabe translator, the most common errors by new translators arise because of their lack of experience. The novice translator needs to establish a number of procedures, which will keep them closer to the original texts meaning and, hopefully, YES less “creative”.

This is why Simon Wilby has developed a new technology called Smart Translations, an application that is server based that has the capability to handle these tasks without prejudice. The word for word translations are extremely accurate. In fact, early beta testers of the application are eagerly anticipating Smart Translations updated iteration to be released soon. This is what the whole world is waiting for exclaimed Simon Wilby. These Smart Translations transpire in both a smart, accurate and consistent manner without the need for a human translator to be sourced. This new technology simply put effectively breaks down all of the communications barriers that were once thought of as the painful price of doing international business.

A new translator needs to read and understand the whole source text he/she is working on. The document must be appreciated as a whole entity, not as a sequence of phrases, sentences, and paragraphs put together which will be translated without a previous introduction and knowledge. A very example is the case of scientific papers, which are classically arranged in four basic units: abstract, introduction, development, and conclusions, that which can make mandatory the reading of the whole text by the translator. Each unit depends upon the other unit or body of text.

For instance, translating the abstract requires previous knowledge of the article as it summarizes and points the direction of the text. Novice translators often believe they can work every subject with the same proficiency. The novice translator needs to understand the subject matter text. If he/she has no previous knowledge of the subject there is nothing like some good research on the subject.

So, browsing and reading through a good website about the theme is a very good way of making a bridge with the theme and specialized jargon, word usage and phrasing. This is also a very good moment to shed light over difficulties felt during the reading stage. The translated output must be natural, so that inadequate “translation” is avoided. A good example is to avoid unnatural phrasings created by a middle-language with the grammar of the source’s language and the words of the target language (as in the English “wash the teeth,” from the Portuguese “lavar los dentes”). The final translation must be fluid and sound as natural as possible. Experience warns us that the original style will be present in the novice translation, provided that he/she has fully read and understood the original source document.

A very good piece of advice for new translators is to recognize their limits. A long and complex legal text is not the same has a brochure for a luxury resort. The responsibility is not the same, and that is even more evident when lives are at stake… no matter how demanding the new professional is.

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The solar renewable energy industry has endured its share of struggles, and traditionally had very little margin control when the industry was small, it was viewed as little more than a new-fad – an oddball dream of, hippies and mad scientists. Then after over 30 years of struggle, BAM! Along came it’s sudden success and along with it business personnel who did not (in most cases) speak solar. The solar industry is now bustling with an annual growth, growing at over 50% during the last five years.All solar cells were once a costly invention; at times before being reserved initially for satellites and DOD/Military use. In fact, back in the year 1977, a single watt of solar generating capacity cost $77. That inflated price poin...

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Animal Edition Extreme Makeover Pt 1 - Simon Wilby

An incredible journey about giving back to all of the people that are making the biggest impact for strays and abandoned animals in their communities. See the differences made in these peoples lives when Second Chance Show gives them, their Second chance!

Hi everyone Simon Wilby here, Now I’ve heard so many inventors ask me.. What Do Late night infomercials; Direct Response ads on television and Social Media outlets have in Common?
If you as an inventor can tune into what Simon Wilby “The Smart Inventor is saying about a common link that is vital to the success of selling your invention.

Take it from someone who has been there! That would be me Simon Wilby Change is not THE threat, it’s the opportunity. Survival is not the ultimate goal, big payday and wealthy success is Simon WilbyPeople and inventors always say to me if I could only get my invention on The Home Shopping Network, then it would sell millions, or if my invention would just get picked up by one of those inf...

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Looking with the eyes of global scale, around the world abroad solar production is still comparatively small generating less than half of one percent of the entire world’s electricity in 2012. But it is still developing and it is getting more affordable. All over the world, solar-power has enlarged by the incredible factor of eleven in the past six years. And it has potential to expand even more. Back in 2011, the International Energy Agency estimated solar power could even then potentially generate 12 percent of the world’s electricity by the year 2025.The Smart Inventor “Simon Wilby” most recently called for a global strength – with the same level of ambition and international coordination as the Apollo m...

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Animal Edition Extreme Makeover Pt 2 - Simon Wilby

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Introducing The Smart Inventor | Simon Wilby

Simon Wilby The Smart Inventor knows personally just how much online reputation is very important on the internet and this is the very reason why Simon Wilby created Smart SEO.

This is an application that allows businesses to keep track of all the comments posted on their sites and it is through this that web page owners are given the liberty to approve a particular post or not.

We all know that internet marketing these days is pretty tough and there are those people that are out there to ruin a particular business via negative posts and comments. There are instances wherein it is not true and yet they still upload it just for fun. Because of The Smart SEO these things can now be prevented and allow business website owners to take full control of the messages being posted on their sites. Let us enumerate some of the advantages that this Smart SEO can do for your business.

Website owners can enjoy a negative-free site. As much as we all believe in the freedom of speech sometimes we just have to delete certain things that are not necessary. Not that we are trying to block the negative side of a particular business but it is more of trying to be in control to avoid further damage because sometimes these reactions and comments are not based on facts and if they are already uploaded on the net it will spread like a disease and removing its stigma is pretty hard. That is why Smart SEO is indeed the answer to all these negativity that is going on in the World Wide Web.

Simon Wilby has once been a victim of these negative slurs and it took him quite some time to redeem himself. Because of this turn of events he came up with an application that will help innocent people protect themselves from all the dirty politics of internet marketing. This is indeed a great advantage for website owners who have a lot of haters because they can now decide if they want the comment to become live on their sites or completely erase it from their database. Through this, web page owners can protect their credibility as a company because they can have access to all the comments through the notifications that will be sent to them through the SEO application.
Better monitoring and damage control is what this application by Simon Wilby has to offer to its users. It’s smart and it’s convenient because before the damage is done, people who use this application can already have a hand on it and prevent things from spreading on the net. Just like this man who was once a victim, you too can avoid being a victim yourself. Be aware and stay on the lookout for negative people in cyberspace and you will be well on your way to having a site that is full of positivity.

At the vanguard of every invention comes the necessity which is aimed to improve, make better and protect that which already exists. Simon Wilby, who has been known to have invented the ever practical and useful solar-powered Lithium battery called The Smart One, comes forward with a new innovation in the field of internet marketing and online business. We deal with a lot of things and a handful of different opinions about each and every product we encounter and seldom do we investigate it on our own, and when we are finally able to do so, we tend to come across information which could either be insufficient or just totally false claims.

What if we were those businesses who have been wronged by other marketing propaganda that could have ...

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We are always on the verge of change – technology, the environment, lifestyle and current trends. Nothing is ever permanent and so we always see to it that the ideas we put into actions and the activities we do are relevant with the present times while leaving space for more innovations in the future. When it comes to technology, there is nothing that we could imagine better than the Internet for it is there wherein we deal with most of our daily stuff such as communication with people and keeping track of our businesses online, as well as finding an opportunity we could improvise or make even better. And everything else goes hand in hand. Opportunity indeed is what Simon Wilby found on the Internet. With a plethora of information and misinformation that could be found in the World Wide Web, he was able to determine the thing that keeps us apart from getting to the right information, or in other ways, our information getting to the right people, just because of some of a handful of half truths that are set out there by a group of individuals with their own agenda.

Revolutionary Idea For Internet Marketers

This window of opportunity gave birth to The Smart SEO which monitors information that is directly unfavorable about someone. Simon Wilby became like the guardian of these things which are mainly disguised as truths and in turn largely put a business down before it could even rise up. The vast internet marketing field is so competitive that some of them could afford to stop and start tearing someone else’s down, which would no longer continue now that The Smart SEO is here. We could see a change in the direction of how internet businesses should be conducted online that there is very little system developed to protect these businesses, and in many ways the online marketers that struggle become uplifted because they have The Smart SEO within their reach.

The Smart SEO Promotes Interdependence And A Huge Helping Hand

What The Smart SEO has created is an iron veil lifted right in front of internet retailers and marketers. It is like a much-awaited freedom from unwanted and undeserved inequality that abound online wherein many others that feel threatened by freshly emerging markets seem to silence the latter by means of harmful internet propaganda hurled on their direction. If only many people think the way Wilby has thought and there would be more helping hands around the virtual world, we would probably be more productive and interdependent when businesses are done this way rather than the bashing, bullying, and lying that seem to come around in many forms and disguises everywhere we go in the internet.

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Solar energy will always find its way into our daily lives and no matter what the end products could be, the results are simply relevant and beneficial; its future is filled with countless possibilities down from the battery power sources to the industrial functionality for which it could be applied and maximized. Simon Wilby, widely known for his inventive idea on how solar energy could be put to practical use in the form of solar-powered battery for mobile phone devices, has probably foreseen a future with the entire population that would greatly utilize the energy from the sun and which could run even the tiniest of gadgets not just for a good few minutes, but for an impressively long duration with a greater staying power.

It is often...

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