About Simon Wilby Innovations

By now it’s a strong possibility that you have heard of Simon Wilby, he has created the some of the biggest and most disruptive technology today. Simon Wilby is the creator of such devices as the solar powered portable chargers, The Smart One, The Sail One, The Smart AC, solar retro fit replacements for street lamps and more.

But many of his fans and followers are starving for more information on the very private CEO and successful inventor. So this article will make every attempt possible to show you the myth behind the man and the legend of the great inventor and a lighter side of Mr. Wilby. This is a side that a very small portion of people have had the pleasure of seeing of .

I had the opportunity last week, to speak to Mr. Wilby and a few of his staff members asking them for comment on most of his latest and greatest efforts to make the world a safer and more energy conscious place. I am told by many that his thoughts are remarkably always positive and future forward. He is always looking for ways to benefit and be a blessing to others in both his life and his community.

Recently, I also asked one of his staff members before undertaking the writing of this release, and I was shocked at the pure generosity of the successful inventor and CEO. This man’s heart can fill a room, that’s how big it is. “He genuinely cares about people” stated one staff member. I have personally seen this and know it to be true after I was invited last month to a corporate dinner.

I noticed him saying something quietly to the waitress, at first I thought this was simply because he didn’t like the way his food had come to him. Boy was I wrong; you see I later found out that what he had said to our waitress – was this. “Mam, do you see that dinner party across the dining room over there? Please put their entire bill on my check, I would like to pay for their meals.” Thank you.

You see the fact of the matter is that no matter what is going on in Simon Wilby’s life he always seems to find a way to give back to people and community at the most precious of times. What the world doesn’t know about Simon Wilby is that he is probably the guy that started the pay it forward theme before it was made into a Hollywood movie.

The guys a truly giving individual, having donated large sums of money to charitable organizations such as animal shelters, programs, and homeless aide charity’s as well. Mr. Wilby upon showing up to a restaurant for a dinner later realized that the function was to support a charity that donated all proceeds from sales to a relief fund. That was all it took Mr. Wilby immediately invited the non-profit coordinator to his table and made an anonymous donation to that charity. Right there on the spot.

This friends is the real Simon Wilby that very few people know.